National Pokemon Day

Next Thursday, 27 February 2025

All Pokemon fans rise as National Pokemon Day is approaching on February 27! February 27 is the chosen date as on this date in 1996, the first Pokemon game, Pokemon Red and Green Versions, was released. 

Pokemon is short for pocket monsters (Japanese: Pokedo Mansuta). The entire Pokemon franchise is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. 

Pokemon will turn 28 in 2024!

National Pokemon Day

Pokemon History

Satoshi Tajiri, the brain behind the Pokemon franchise, along with a few other programmers and Ken Sugimori, took around 6 years to create the first Pokemon game, Pokemon Red and Green. It almost drove them to bankruptcy.

Commonly referred to as 'Mr Bug, Satoshi Tajiri earned this nickname because of his fascination for insects. His interest was not a mere hobby. In fact, he wanted to become an entomologist someday. 

Although he didn't end up becoming one, he infused his passion with his love for games. He wanted to create a game where insect like creatures could be collected, trained and made to battle against each other. This is how your favorite game Pokemon started taking shape. 

Your Favorite Pokemons

Although there were only 151 Pokemons initially, today there are 1025 Pokemons for all the Pokemon fans! These are the most loved Pokemons based on a recent poll. 


This Pokemon's fire is enough to melt glaciers, boulders and even expanse of forests. With every battle, Charizard gains more experience and consequently its fire breath becomes hotter. 


Gengar Pokemon
Gengar, PC: Krukmeister

Always there to greet you with a sinister smile, Gengar can fly, create illusions, posses humans and even extend its tongue several meters. 


Arcanine Pokemon
Arcanine, PC: blastertwo

Arcanine is a majestic Pokemon that can run 6200 miles in 24 hours. Known for its speed, this legendary pokemon gets its speed from the flame burning inside its body. 


Bulbasur Pokemon
Bulbasur, PC: MonsterMMORPG

This cute turquoise colored amphibian is one of the most loyal Pokemons out there. Bulbasaur, a Grass and Poison-type Pokémon, possesses the abilities Overgrow and, occasionally, Levitate, using a range of moves like Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Poison Powder in battles.


Blaziken Pokemon
Blaziken, PC: Kidel

Blaziken's wrists produce flames which helps during battles. This Pokemon also has extremely strong legs which enables it to jump across 20 storeys with ease.


Umbreon Pokemon
Umbreon, PC: Joalri

Umbreon is a Pokemon that primarily functions at night or in the dark. Its dark fur helps it seamlessly blend at night and attack the opponent. 

Umbreon can also produce a poisonous sweat when angered or irritated. 


Lucario Pokemon
Lucario, PC: blastertwo

Lucario is a loyal Pokemon that has the ability to detect its opponent's aura which in turn helps to predict their movement. However, it is a risky power as learning about the opponent's aura can cause it to interfere with its own capability. 


Gardevoir Pokemon
Gardevoir, PC: dakshkohli23

Gardevoir is a Pokemon with psychic abilities who can see into the future. She also has telekinetic powers allowing her to defy the role of gravity.


Eevee Pokemon
Eeve, PC: Metagross101

Eeve is an interesting Pokemon with a unique genetic composition. This Pokemon can evolve into 8 different variations according to the environment. 


Dragonite Pokemon
Dragonite, PC: dakshkohli23

Dragonites are kind-hearted Pokemons that are known for their speed. Did you know that Dragonites can travel around the entire globe in just 16 hours?

Celebrate National Pokemon Day

It does not matter if you are a Pokemon geek or not, we can all collectively agree that Pokemon was a huge part of our childhood. 

  • You can celebrate National Pokemon Day by playing the game or watch the anime to reminisce the old days.
  • On this day, Nintendo hosts many fun events both online as well as offline. You can participate to enjoy new lucrative discounts, in-game clothing, battle with friends and many more. 
  • Host a fun Pokemon-themed party. Cosplay as your favourite character, serve Pokemon food, play games, play trivia, and watch movies together.
  • If you are a creative person or wish to do something creative, you can spend time by creating Pokemon artworks. 

Interesting Facts About Pokemon

  • Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters, was initially called Capsule Monsters. 
  • We know that you love Pikachu but the first characters designed by the creators included Lapras, Rhydon and Clefairy.  
  • Pikachu, your favorite Pokemon, literally translates to 'glittery mouse noise'.
  • After the launch of the first Pokemon game in 1996, an anime based on the same was released a year later in April 1997. 
  •  Currently there are nine generations of Pokemon games. 

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National Pokemon Day
National Pokemon Day

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