Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

Next Sunday, 13 April 2025

Every year on April 13 America celebrates Thomas Jefferson's Birthday. The third President of the United States was born on April 13, 1743. Jefferson is known as one of the United States' founding fathers and is the main author of the Declaration of Independence. 

Today, in 2021, Thomas Jefferson would be 278-years-old. 

Thomas Jefferson's Birthday is not a federal holiday, so businesses and schools remain open as usual. 

History of Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

The official celebration of Thomas Jefferson's Birthday was not established until 195 years after his birth, on March 21, 1938, when President Roosevelt issued Proclamation 2276 declaring April 13 as a national observance of Jefferson's birthday. Years later, in 2007, President George W. Bush also issued Presidential Proclamation 8124, officially recognizing April 13 as the celebration of one of the most cherished figures in the history of the United States.

A Brief Biography of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, in Shadwell, Virginia. He had many interests and qualities and was an intellectual, a philosopher, a musician, an architect, and an essayist. He was also very well known as a farmer and a gourmet cook and spoke several different languages.

He played a crucial role in shaping America as a country, serving as a diplomat, a statesman, a lawyer, and, later, as its third president. Jefferson advocated for republicanism and democracy and defended the principles of religious freedom and individual rights, which made him a key figure of the American Revolution. 

Thomas Jefferson served as Vice President to his friend John Adams from 1797 to 1801, and became the third president of the United States, serving from 1801 to 1809. 

Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, at 83-years-old.

Thomas Jefferson's Achievements

Thomas Jefferson played a major role in shaping up the values and laws of what would become the United States of America. Perhaps his biggest achievement, and what he is better known for, is drafting the Declaration of Independence, effectively freeing the US of British Rule.

As President of the United States, Jefferson doubled the size of the country with the  Louisiana Purchase, established the US Military Academy, and abolished the slave trade. 

On a personal level, Thomas Jefferson was the founder of the University of Virginia, and was a prolific inventor, having invented many new practical devices, and improved other existing ones. 

Some Facts about Thomas Jefferson

A man of many interests and talents, it is no wonder there are so many fun facts about Thomas Jefferson and his life. Here are some:

  • He was interested in science. Jefferson was a keen astronomer and loved to stargaze. But the most interesting thing about him is that he was an early archeologist. He was obsessed with fossils and discussing the origins of pre-historic animals.
  • He was a man of culture. Thomas Jefferson owned 6,500 books, which he donated to the Library of Congress. He was also interested in music and studied the violin. And he wrote, a lot! He is the author of 27,000 documents and 19,000 letters.
  • He enjoyed his food and wine. Jefferson appreciated good food and was an avid cook, bringing many dishes that he tried overseas to America. He was also a wine snob, considered to be the first wine expert of America, and was the owner of two vineyards. 
  • He was a naturalist. Jefferson had his own farm that he worked on himself. He had the goal of turning the United States into an agrarian society.
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

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