National Bacon Day

Next Monday, 30 December 2024

National Bacon Day is celebrated on December 30th every year to celebrate one of the most delicious foods in the world. Be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, the popularity of bacon remains unmatched. 

It is a favorite amongst people of all age groups and can be paired with almost everything like eggs, chicken, burgers, pancakes, salads, and even drinks.

In fact, some people love bacon so much that the industry for bacon products has skyrocketed in the last few years, you can even get bacon-scented soap and candles. 

So, if you are a bacon lover, heat up your frying pan and light your bacon-scented candle, this day is for you!


When Was National Bacon Day Created?

National Bacon Day was created by Danya Goodman and Meff Cannonball in 1997. They wanted a day to unite all bacon lovers in their love for this food and also to create a break from all the winter holidays. 

However, bacon and its consumption date back thousands of years.

The History of Bacon

At around 4900 B.C. people in Central Asia began domesticating wild pigs and consuming their meat. One of the favored ways to eat pork was to preserve the pork bellies with salt, which made for a fatty and salty dish that quickly became popular amongst many. This is what eventually would become known as bacon. 

The Romans, through their conquests, quickly discovered this delicacy and brought it back to the Roman Empire where it became a quick hit.

They preserved the pig's shoulder instead of the belly and called it "petaso". This was eaten for breakfast and dinner, broiled, and served with figs. Petaso was popular with people because it was inexpensive and very easy to cook. 

From here, it spread to other European countries, where the word bacon evolved and originated. First, in Germany, where it was known as "bak" or "bakkon" and then in France where they called it "bako".

Eventually, all kinds of pork became known as "bacoun", and it wasn't until the 17th century that the word "bacon" was established as the word to refer to the smoked and salted pork belly. 

In America, bacon arrived at the hands of Hernando de Soto, who in 1539 brought 13 pigs with him to the continent. In a few years, those 13 pigs became 700, and Hernando became known as the Father of the American Pork Industry and heavily contributed to the popularity of bacon. 

How to Celebrate National Bacon Day

The best way to ensure you have a happy Bacon Day is according to the holiday's founders, by eating different types of bacon while watching Kevin Bacon movies, or any bacon-themed movies and documentaries.

Another fun idea is to try to incorporate bacon into every one of your meals today - pancakes with bacon and maple syrup or eggs and bacon for breakfast, a nice BLT or bacon salad for lunch, and finish it off with a bacon cheeseburger at dinner. Hate the splatter of oil and fat while you're cooking bacon? Take the easy route and see what restaurants are offering Bacon Day deals today.

National Bacon Day
National Bacon Day

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