National Intern Day

Next Thursday, 27 July 2023

National Intern Day is celebrated every year on the last Thursday in July. It recognizes people of all ages who are working as interns to try and get their foot in the door towards their dream careers, to hopefully become the leaders of the future. Internships can be difficult, tiring, and sometimes not even paid, so today we honor those who are working hard for their dreams. National Intern Day also encourages companies to appreciate their hardworking interns, and show them the recognition they deserve. 

History of National Intern Day

WayUp founded National Intern Day in 2017. Their goal was to create a holiday where the aim is to recognize all of the hard work that interns put into their careers, by offering companies tips and resources on how to celebrate their interns.

Why do we celebrate National Intern Day?

Although interns are usually young people just out of college, there can also be older interns who are trying out a change of career into their dream field. 

In any case, interns are a big asset for companies as they offer a fresh set of eyes, and they arrive with big ideas on how to improve businesses. They are the leaders of the future, and as such, they are very valuable. When interns come into a company straight out of school, they have the ability to put their newly learned skills to use and implement changes and upgrades to the business, while also having knowledge of how the industry is changing and evolving. 

Interns are crucial when it comes to bringing companies into the 21st century, but very often their work goes unrecognized and unpaid. National Intern Day aims to change that, and give interns the honor that they deserve.

Celebrating National Intern Day is also great for companies as a whole, as it helps keep employees happy, strengthen employee relationships, which in turn can help improve productivity. 

How to Celebrate National Intern Day

There are many ways to commemorate this day, and recognize the interns in your life. You can check the WayUp website for resources, tips, and to nominate your Internship Program for the Top 100 list. Here are some other tips on how to celebrate National Intern Day.

If you're an employer you can,

  • Start by showing gratitude and appreciation for the interns in your company, and for everything they do daily to help improve your business, no matter how big or small their tasks are. By feeling recognized they will be extra motivated to do a good job. 
  • Nominate some of your more hardworking interns for the National Intern Day Awards. 
  • Offer your interns some free mentorship sessions on how to succeed in your field towards a great future career. 
  • Have an office party, in honor of your interns, with food and drinks for everyone. 
  • Encourage your other employees to help out the interns, and to show them appreciation. 

If you're an intern have a talk with other interns you know about the work you're doing, and exchange tips on how you can make yourselves even more valuable to the companies you work for. Show your employers how motivated you are to work in the industry, and how you'd love to become a permanent employee. 

If you know an intern who's been working hard treat them to a meal out so that they can relax. Don't forget to tell them how much you admire them for their grift. 

National Intern Day
National Intern Day

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