National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Next Friday, 9 May 2025

National Lost Sock Memorial Day is celebrated on May 9 every day. This means the time has come to bid goodbye to all the single socks whose counterparts have vanished.

Losing a sock in a pair is undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon so why not have a special day dedicated to all the single socks lying sadly in the back of your cupboards? 

A girl putting on one of her socks

Who Started National Lost Sock Memorial Day

There is no way to identify who was the quirky mindset behind Lost Sock Memorial Day but let us take a look at the fascinating history of sock. 

How and When Socks Were Invented

Stone Age

Cave paintings stand testament to the fact that sock-like things have been in existence since around 5000 BC. The paintings showed that cavemen wore some clothing-like items on their feet. Archaeologists speculate that it was more of an 'organic sock' made of animal skin or something similar. 

Romans and Greek 

Ancient Greek poet Hesiod mentioned the term 'piloi' in one of his works. Piloi implied a kind of foot cover made from matted animal hair. 

The Romans went a step further and invented something closely resembling a sock made from many different fabrics woven together. 


We owe a lot of credit to Egyptians because they were the first ones to come up with knitted socks around 300 to 500 AD. There was also a significant detail about these socks- there were split toes! Thus, they could be easily worn with sandals. 

Middle Ages

Middle Ages saw changes in the shape and colors of socks. The colors of the socks became more vibrant and colorful. Elastic bands weren't yet invented during the time so garters were used to keep it up.

How to Celebrate National Lost Sock Memorial Day

  • It is a memorial at the end of the day so observe a minute of silence for all the lonely socks without a partner out there.
  • Organize a 'sock swap' session where people bring over all their single socks and swap them with some other sock. Who knows you might just find the other part of the pair!
  • You can also donate the single socks that you do not wear anymore. 
  • Memorial of your old socks also implies buying new pairs for yourself so do not shy away from splurging on some funky socks!
  • Educate others about the fascinating history of socks mentioned above. All of us wear socks but do any of us know about its evolution?

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National Lost Sock Memorial Day
National Lost Sock Memorial Day

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