National Short Girl Appreciation Day

Next Saturday, 21 December 2024

National Short Girl Appreciation Day is on December 21 every year. And there couldn't be a more perfect date to celebrate it, as it is the first day of Winter, and therefore the shortest day of the year! This day is all about celebrating the short women in your life.
We all know that short women can be underestimated, but they pack a lot of punch in such a compact size. Sure, sometimes they might need help reaching the taller cupboards, but short girls can be just as feisty, determined, and confident as taller people.

Women tend to be shorter than men, so that's why there is a special day in honor of short girls. However, so that no one feels left behind, National Short Person Day is now celebrated the day after, on December 22. 


There isn't any information about the origins of National Short Girl Appreciation Day, but it was probably created by someone who wanted to show the smaller ladies in their life how appreciated they are. As a rule of thumb, the average woman in America is 5 foot 4 inches tall, which means that any woman under this height should be celebrated on this day. 

Defining Short

Being short has meant many different things throughout the years...

Women who are considered short today would have been of average height a century ago. Since the mid-nineteenth century, human height in some countries has increased by 10 centimeters! However, if we go all the way back to the 17th and 18th centuries, a woman that is 5'2'' tall would fit right in, and even be a bit taller than average, as the average height for women around then was 5'1''. 

So, any short girl reading this should feel encouraged by the fact that a few centuries ago you'd be walking tall amongst people!

At the same time, some scientific studies show that there are many benefits to being of shorter stature. In general, shorter people are less likely to get heat stroke than their taller counterparts, and people who are under 5'2'' are less likely to break their hip than taller people. Very short people, under 5'0'', are lucky enough to have a smaller chance of having to deal with back pain. And, probably the best fact of all for shorter people, studies have shown that people who are shorter than average live longer lives. 

If you are a shorter girl, don't let others patronize you, and stand confidently knowing that not only there is a day all dedicated to you, your height also comes with many benefits, and you are capable of doing anything that a taller person can do. 

How to Celebrate National Short Girl Appreciation Day

If you are a short girl, bask in all the appreciation you'll get today. Let others know that your height does not stop you from doing anything you want, and remind them of how confident you are. Take to social media to share something funny that happens to you regularly because of your height, and share a photo with the popular hashtag #shortgirlproblems. 

Know a short lady who deserves to be appreciated? Let them know how important they are to you, bake them something, or take them out for coffee. And try not to crack too many jokes about their height. 

National Short Girl Appreciation Day
National Short Girl Appreciation Day

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