National Sons Day

Next Saturday, 28 September 2024

National Sons Day is mostly celebrated on September 28. However, there is some debate around the date for National Sons Day. Since 2018 many also recognize March 4th as the official National Sons Day. 

Whichever date you choose, the main thing to remember is that it is a day to show appreciation for the boys in our lives, and for the parents of boys to reflect on how they are raising their children.

All any parent want is for their children to grow up into people they can be proud of. Boys especially need strong role models to look up to who will help them grow into confident, disciplined, and empathetic adult men.

National Sons Day is a day to ensure that boys all over the country are getting the foundations, education, and all the support they need to have the best possible life as they grow up. 

4 Fun Things to do on National Sons Day

  • This is the perfect day to take some time to be with your sons. Talk to them about their school and life, learn more about them and their ambitions, and try to open the way to always have good communication between you. Make sure they know how supportive you are by letting them know that you’re always there for them.
  • You can also show them how much you appreciate them by taking them to do their favorite activity. Whether that is going to the movies, going shopping, playing games or sports, or cooking, just make sure to spend some quality time together. 
  • Apart from reflecting on the way that you are raising them from an emotional and personal perspective, you can also take this day to teach them some smaller, practical life skills, such as changing a tire, doing some DIY, and cooking a simple meal. Anything that will help them grow into a better, more confident person.

How It All Started

The first attempt to create a National Sons Day occurred in the 1990s, as some people wanted a day that was similar to National Take Your Daughter to Work Day. A group called National Sons Day eventually did create National Take Your Sons to Work Day in 1998, but in 2003 the two days were merged into one.

The idea of a day to celebrate sons resurfaced in 2018 at the hand of Jill Nico. She wanted a day to honor sons (as she herself had sons and wanted to celebrate them) and the people who raised them, much like National Daughters Day. Jill Nico also has a Facebook page called National Sons Day. As such, since 2018 many have also chosen to celebrate National Sons Day on March 4.?

Father and Son holding hands

Why National Sons Day Is More Important Than You Think

As the years pass, more challenges surface when it comes to raising boys. Parents should be aware that bringing up boys in these times takes a great level of guidance and communication, and they should be prepared for that. That is why National Sons Day is so important. There are many stereotypes surrounding the idea of what a man should be like, and many boys will struggle with that. It is the parent's responsibility to guide them through that and teach them values and kindness. 

Both parents play an equally important role in the emotional development of boys, and they strive when they have a good relationship with both their mother and father as the maternal and paternal sides bring different contributions, so it is very important to cultivate those bonds. The lack of a mother or father figure can be attributed to developmental issues in later years.

Ultimately, the role of a parent is a challenging and important one. The hard work you put into raising your son won’t only serve as a reflection of your parenting skills, it will also help them to become an upstanding and respected member of society.

Quote for National Sons Day Walter M Schirra

You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes.
Walter M. Schirra

Challenges Faced by Boys

  • As per statistics, physical bullying is more common among boys (6 percent) than girls (4 percent).
  • According to News Medical, while more girls tend to have depression, boys are more likely to exhibit antisocial behaviors and engage in substance abuse.
  • As per UNESCO records, around 132 million boys do not attend school globally. Moreover, the number of boys who complete higher education is also less. This can be attributed to gender norms which create a lot of pressure on boys regarding jobs and income.
  • Studies also reveal that a greater number of boys suffer from behavioral and emotional problems compared to girls.

If you have a daughter, or a son and a daughter, don’t forget to celebrate the following dates:

National Sons Day
National Sons Day

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